UPT Diponegoro University Library provides services to UNDIP’s academics and the community. The services provided by UPT Library are:

  1. Reference Services are services provided to library visitors who need help tracing information in various subjects from various sources or providing reference materials in other collections according to the fields or information needed.
  2. Circulation Services are services provided to visitors to be able to borrow library collections.
  3. Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC), is a self-service to library users in the form of providing a computer for browsing library collection catalogues. Each floor is provided with an OPAC computer to browse the library collection.
  4. Special Collections Service is a service provided to visitors to read on the spot or photocopy a portion of a collection of References, Scientific Works, Reserve, and Serial.
  5. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) services are services provided by the library in collaboration with several institutions outside UNDIP, namely in the form of a collection of books that can be learned, and computers to access the internet with an air-conditioned reading room. The CSR services owned by the UNDIP library are as follows:
  6. Nation Building Corner (in cooperation with the World Conscience Foundation)
  7. Sampoerna Corner (in cooperation with PT Putra HM Sampoerna)
  8. BNI Corner (in cooperation with Bank BNI)
  9. Indonesia National Standards Corner (in cooperation with the Indonesian National Standards Agency)
  10. Regional Information Outlet (in cooperation with the World Bank)
  11. Information Dissemination Service is a service that provides newly published and selected literature information to individuals or groups of people or institutions in the form of:
  12. Publication and Dissemination of the Special Information Bulletin (BIK) is a publication of the UPT Library which contains a list of contents of magazines or journals collection of libraries which are packaged in the form of newsletters in specific fields.
  13. Bibliography Publishing and Dissemination and Index is the publication and dissemination of lecturers’ scientific works and collections of UPT Libraries in certain fields in the form of bibliographic collections.
  14. Book Processing News is the publication and dissemination of additional news collections of the UPT library.
  15. Warta Perpustakaan UNDIP is the publication and dissemination of WARTA PERPUSTAKAAN, in the form of a magazine as a forum for the creativity of librarians and a question-and-answer forum about the world of libraries.
  16. New Book News (Display) provides information on the existence of a new book that can be seen and read on the display shelves which is replaced periodically.
  17. Library User Guidance Service is a service provided to visitors who provide instructions and guide library visitors in using library collections and tools.
  18. Photocopying Service is the provision of photocopying services.