The Library and Undip Press, as units supporting academic activities, continue to encourage activities that can support research, services, and facilities to support learning and teaching activities. One activity was a Workshop on Using EBSCO Data to Improve Scientific Publications. The activity was held on Wednesday, September 13, 2023, in the 4th floor Meeting Room, Undip Library UPT Building. This activity was attended by 200 participants divided into two sessions. Workshop activities consist of a presentation on basic EBSCO information, how to use it, direct practice, and questions and answers. A librarian accompanies this activity so each participant can practice searching for documents.

Features that can be used include EBSCOhost research databases, EBSCO discovery service, new publication finder UI, Dynamed Plus, EBSCO ebooks, and publication finder interface. EBSCO e-journal databases provide information on various fields of science for researchers, lecturers, and students. Undip Academic Community members can use EBSCO by logging into their SSO (single sign-on) accounts. One of the participants, Linda Meliati from the Public Health Doctoral Program, expressed her enthusiasm for this activity. With this activity, he was also helped compile a research proposal as a reference source.