Reference Services

Is a service that provides library materials in the form of dictionaries, encyclopedias, and so on. Reference services are provided to users to help find information quickly and precisely in the search for reference information. It also helps users find and trace information more specifically with a wider choice of subjects.

Periodical (Serial) Services

Is a type of service that provides collections in the form of library materials that are published periodically or periodically, both in the form of printed scientific journals, popular magazines, and newspapers equipped with collections from the National Standardization Agency. Reference and Periodical Services (Serial) are provided for users on the fourth floor. The collection on this service can be read on the spot.


  1. Users are residents of the UNDIP campus and outside the UNDIP campus residents.
  2. Users can choose for themselves the desired library materials in the collection room.
  3. Users are not allowed to bring home library materials (collections are not lent).


  1. Users fill out visiting books.
  2. Users can go directly to the collection rack.
  3. Users read library materials in the reading room provided.
  4. Users can put library materials that have been read on the reading table that has been provided.