Code of Conduct

  1. Students, Lecturers, and Employees of Diponegoro University who have activated membership automatically become members of the Library UPT and can receive services and borrow book collections at the Circulation Service.
  2. Readers who come from outside Diponegoro University who own a Sakti Card (FKP2TN) can take advantage of library services by reading on the spot.
  3. Users who come from outside Diponegoro University and do not have a Sakti Card (FKP2TN) or a Jasapusperti Card can take advantage of library services by registering in advance to get a visiting (guest) card in accordance with applicable regulations.
  4. Users must dress modestly and are not allowed to wear shorts and flip-flops.
  5. Users who bring luggage such as bags, jackets, binders, and books other than those to be returned must ask the clerk for locker keys and store them in the lockers provided.
  6. Valuable items such as laptops, wallets, cellphones, money, jewelry, and the like should be brought and looked after by yourself. Loss of these items is not the responsibility of the library.
  7. Users are required to return the locker key to the officer after visiting and are required to replace it if the locker key is damaged or lost.
  8. Users are required to fill in the visitor statistical data provided.
  9. Collection of books that have been read or not borrowed; do not return them to the bookshelf but simply place them on the reading table.
  10. Users are not allowed to damage, tear, or take other acts of vandalism against library collections and are asked to notify officers if collections are found that are damaged or incomplete.
  11. The service system implemented is an open system (open access system), meaning that users are allowed to choose their own collections on the shelves. As for tools for searching information/collections at UPT Libraries, OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog) and integrated OPAC (http:/ computers have been provided.
  12. Users who are late in returning borrowed books will be subject to a fine of Rp. 1,000, – / day, and there is no fine relief.
  13. Users are not allowed to smoke in all library rooms.
  14. Users are expected to maintain calm, order, and cleanliness of library environmental facilities.