As one of the world’s largest academic publisher, we would like to invite you to attend a talk on “Introduction to Academic Publishing”. This 120 minutes talk is designed to give you brief background information about publishing.

Details as below:

Date: 10 October, 2017 (Tuesday)

Time: 9:00 – 11:00am

Venue: Meeting Room 1st Floor, Library of Universitas Diponegoro

Target Audience: Junior researchers

Language Delivery: English

Theme: Introduction to Academic Publishing

Tentative content:

  1. Introduction to Springer Nature
  2. How to use SpringerLink and via your library)
  3. What does publisher do?
  4. What are the differences comparing journals and books?
  5. What happens when publishing journal (an article)?
  6. What happens when publishing book?
  7. Tools to be used:
  • Journal Suggester
  • Author Mapper
  1. Questions & Answers

Currently, Universitas Diponegoro provides access to most journals on SpringerLink  and at campus. List of participants can be seen here

No Nama Fakultas/Prodi
1 Agung Suprihadi, Drs. M.Si FSM
2 Dr. Rer. Nat. Anto Budiharjo,, M.biotech FSM
3 Endang Kusdiyantini, Dr. Dra.DEA FSM
4 Hermin Pancasakti Kusumaningrum, Dr. SSi. MSi FSM
5 Rejeki Siti Ferniah, Dr S.Si, M.Si. FSM
6 Sri Pujiyanto, S.Si. M.Si. Dr FSM
7 Wijanarka, Dr Drs Msi. FSM
8 Agustina Lulustyaningati Nurul Aminin, Dr. S.Si., M.Si FSM
9 Mukhamad Asy’ari, Dr S.Si M.Si FSM
10 Nies Suci Mulyani, Dra. M.S. FSM
11 Purbowatiningrum Ria Sarjono, S.Si, M.Si FSM
1 Dr. Meidiana Dwidiyanti, S.Kp.MSc Keperawatan
2 Dr.Untung Sujianto, S.Kp.M.Kes Keperawatan
3 Wahyu Hidayati, M.Kep.Sp.KMB Keperawatan
4 Sarah Ulliya, S.Kp.M.Kes Keperawatan
5 Suhartini, S.Kp.,MNS.Ph.D Keperawatan
6 Megah Andriany , M.Kep.Sp.Kep.Kom Keperawatan
7 Sari Sudarmiati,M.Kep.Sp.Kep.Mat Keperawatan
8 Ns. Diyan Yuli Wijayanti, S.Kep.,M.Kep Keperawatan
9 Fitria Handayani, M.Kep.Sp.KMB Keperawatan
10 Ns. Muhammad  Muin, M.Kep.Sp.Kep.Kom Keperawatan
11 Ns. Fatikhu Yatuni Asmara,MSc Keperawatan
12 Ns. Artika Nurrahima, S.Kep.M.Kep Keperawatan
13 Ns. Devi Nurmalia, S.Kep.,M.Kep Keperawatan
14 Ns. Henni Kusuma, S.Kep.,M.Kep.Sp.KMB Keperawatan
15 Ns. Nana Rochana, S.Kep.MN Keperawatan
No Nama Mahasiswa
1 Hafni Taraya Dalimunthe MIKM
2 Rahmawati MIKM
3 Wahyuni ika kusumawati – MIKM
4 Rasmanto MIKM
6 Annisa Savitri MIKM
7 Eko Ardiansyah MIKM
8  M. Irsyad Dukomalamo MIKM
9 Adekutari pratiwi MIKM
10 Maryono MIKM
11 Abdul Rahman MIKM
12 Arsep Liyenti MIKM
13 Budi Widiyanto DIKM